September 22, 1951

She Plays Piano, Too!
Beach Singer, Composer Making 'Name' Via Video

SEAL BEACH, Sept. 22. For the entertainment of herself and her family, blonde, charming Miss Cynthia Strother, 16, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Rex Strother, 232 Fifth St., composes her own songs--then employs her voice and keyboard skill to perform them.

Cynthia's Huntington Beach Union High School classmates joined her family in persuading her to audition for a place on Peter Potter's televised "Search for a Song" program. Much to her amazement, Cynthia is now booked for three featured appearances playing and singing her own songs before the video cameras and a studio audience of song publishers. As a result of the audition, one of her songs already has been recorded by Frankie Laine.

On Sept. 26 the young composer will present "The Waiting Song." On Oct. 31 she will introduce "Nino Toreador."

* * * * *