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Publicity Photos

Photo #1

Movie Publicity

Bell Sisters with Dick Haymes on set of "Cruisin' Down the River"
Bell Sisters performing "Take Back Your Gold" in "Those Redheads from Seattle"
Bell Sisters with Rhonda Fleming and Teresa Brewer Waiting in the Yukon Cold in "Those Redheads from Seattle"
Bell Sisters with Rhonda Fleming and Teresa Brewer as the Four Daughters in "Those Redheads from Seattle"
Agnes Moorehead and her four "daughters" from "Those Redheads from Seattle"
Cynthia in dance number with Teresa Brewer and Rhonda Fleming from "Those Redheads from Seattle"
3-photo proof sheet of Cynthia and Guy Mitchell from "Those Redheads from Seattle"


Bell Sisters perform "Take Back Your Gold" (Color) in "Those Redheads from Seattle" (video capture)
Bells perform "Crazy Drink" in the 1955 "Les Brown Goes to Town" short (video capture)
Spanish-language poster for "Those Redheads from Seattle"


Young, obviously scared Bell Sisters sing "Bermuda" in first TV appearance on Dinah Shore, 1952 (video capture)
Bell Sisters performing "There's a Ship Comin' In" on 1953 March of Dimes telethon (video capture)
No longer little girls, Bells perform "Little Boy Bullfighter" on 1955 Mickey Mouse Club (video capture)

Sheet Music

June Night
Rutza Rutza
Socko the Smallest Snowball (with Spike Jones)
Original RCA orchestration of Take Back Your Gold
There's a Ship Comin' In
Wise Little Echo
Baby, Baby, Baby (This song from "Those Redheads from Seattle" is sung by Teresa Brewer, but features a photo with Cynthia as the left-most sister. Oddly, the sheet music cover doesn't mention "Take Back Your Gold" - the Bell Sisters' number from the film."

Bell Sisters with Other Celebrities

Bell Sisters with Les Brown (rehearsing for Bob Hope TV Show) (photo courtesy of Life Magazine)
Bell Sisters performing on radio with Bing Crosby
Bell Sisters with Henri Rene
Bell Sisters with Debbie Reynolds
Bell Sisters with Frank Sinatra
Bell Sisters with Lana Turner

Korea Tour, Military Hospitals, Personal Appearances

Bell Sisters with Korea USO Group - 1953
Bell Sisters with Lt. Gratton E. Coffman, 01891312 Sig. C., 25th Signal Co., in Korea, 12/29/1953 [Photo provided by Gratton Coffman]
Bell Sisters feeding Christmas Eve Dinner, Korea, 1953 to PFC Boyd Paxton at UNC-REG Mess Hall [Photo by Cpl. W.R. Menefee]
Bell Sisters and their mother pose with Officer of C.F.I. in Korea [Photo by Cpl. W.R. Menefee]
Kay's Military Identification issued for the 1953 Korea USO tour
Bell Sisters with unidentified soldier at Military Hospital - 1954
Bell Sisters with Korea USO Group - 1954
Bell Sisters with Edith (Mom) and Chris Towner in Korea - 1954
Bell Sisters with Unidentified Soldier at Salinas Air Force Base - 2/27/1955
Bell Sisters performing in front of Boy Scout throng at July 20, 1953 National Jamboree; 45,000 Scouts attended [Photo by George Bergstrom; property of Boy Scouts of America]
Bell Sisters posing with U.S. Marines

Photos Sent In By Veterans

Bell Sisters singing before a sea of faces in Korea, 12/29/1953 [Photo by Gratton Coffman]
Bell Sisters, performing, Korea 1953, taken by Bob Fuoco (Dallas, Texas)
Bell Sisters, backstage, Korea 1953, taken by Stan Jones (Cape Cod, Massachusetts)
Bell Sisters with men of troupe, for Pacific Stars & Stripes, Korea 1953, taken by Frank Praytor (Albuquerque, New Mexico)
Bell Sisters, performing, Korea 1953, taken by Carlton Sauder (Grabill, Indiana)
Bell Sisters, after show, Korea 1954 (Christmas Eve) with Bob O'Connor and friend Jim Williams

Kay Bell (Solo Career)

A soulful photograph of Kay performing at Disneyland
Kay performing at Domino in Anaheim, California
Newspaper clipping advertising appearance of "Kay Bell and the Spacemen" on "Meet Me at Disneyland" TV show (Anaheim Gazette, pg. 2, June 27, 1962)
Discount Coupon to see "Kay Bell and the Spacemen" at Sunny Hills Rock Out.


Bell Sisters at recording session, RCA Studios in Hollywood [parents are in foreground]
Billboard Ad #1 for "Bermuda / June Night"
Billboard Ad #2 for "There's a Ship Comin' In / If'n"
Cover of Spike Jones 45 rpm EP which includes "Socko the Smallest Snowball" with Bell Sisters
78 rpm Promo Label of "Socko the Smallest Snowball" with Spike Jones
RCA Dealer Ad from Billboard magazine advertising "Bermuda, Hambone and Wheel of Fortune" by the Bell Sisters as top sellers
Article from Los Angeles Times Mirror newspaper in 1952
3-D Viewmaster Reel - In-Lobby Promotional Item for "Those Redheads from Seattle"
Reno Hotel Program - 1952 hotel program (with room service menu on reverse) showing Bell Sisters as headlining act.
Promo Postcard for Bell Sisters appearance at Last Fronter Hotel - July 11-25, 1952.
1952 Newspaper ad for Paramount Hotel showing Bell Sisters opening for Nat King Cole.
Card showing Schedule of Performances at Paramount Hotel with Nat King Cole.
Telegram from Phil Harris congratulating Cynthia on her 1953 graduation from Huntington Beach High School.
Waiting to Go On at April 26, 1952 All Star Revue TV show, hosted by Bob Hope
Souvenir Program for "Greatest Show on Earth" with Bob Hope, Martin and Lewis, Jane Russell, Les Brown, Marilyn Maxwell (Bell Sisters are in lower left corner)
Marquee at ABC Studios for August 16, 1953 Armed Forces Radio Services "Jubilee" Show (Episode 418)
Original Lyric Sheet of "Bermuda," showing serious revising by Cynthia and family (one of many drafts)
Entire Strother Family with Mom and Dad and all 7 kids (Cynthia, Sharon, Kay, Judith, Paula, Rex, and "Twinkle" - Alice)
Strother Family in singing pose on floor of their home (unused photo from Life Magazine shoot)
Gene, Kay, Edith and Cynthia shopping in San Francisco after Bob Hope TV Show (photo courtesy of Life magazine)
Bell Sisters relax poolside between appearances
1950 "pinup"-style photo of Cynthia for pageant contest.
June 1, 1957 clipping for Bell Sisters' (with family!) appearance at Scout-o-Rama.
Letter from Bob Hope
Letter from Bing Crosby
Hand-Drawn Postcard from John Reynolds (fan and family friend)
Pen and Ink Sketch of Cynthia by John Reynolds

Video (Windows Media)

All selections are large downloads (6 to 10 meg) - but worth it!

Home Movies (1950-1952, footage shot by father Eugene Strother) - Bell Sisters seen at home and on the road - appearing on stage, at fairs and in front of cameras.
Dinah Shore Show (February 1952) - Bell Sisters, visibly uncertain, perform "Bermuda."
Bob Hope All-Star-Revue (April 1952) - Bell Sisters are introduced by Hope, sing "Wheel of Fortune" and then a silly rendition of "June Night" with Bob.
Cruisin' Down the River (1953, Columbia Pictures) - Bell Sisters and cast perform "Father Dear Father"
Those Redheads from Seattle (1953, Paramount Pictures) - Bell Sisters perform "Take Back Your Gold"
The Mickey Mouse Club (1955, Disney) - Bell Sisters perform "Little Boy Bullfighter"
Operation Entertainment (1955) - Bell Sisters fill in at end of live show which runs short, performing "My Heart Belongs to Daddy" a capella.
Les Brown Goes to Town (1955, Universal Pictures) - Introduction by Jack Smith. Bell Sisters perform "Bermuda" and "Crazy Drink."

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