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Family Home Movies VIDEO
Behind the scenes footage shot by father Eugene Strother at home and on the road with the Bell Sisters.
Features Bells seaside, pool-side, with other acts, on stage, at fairs, before the cameras, signing autographs, etc. Audio portion is piano demo by Cynthia Strother.

October 1, 1953

"Cruisin' Down the River" AUDIO VIDEO
Columbia Pictures Corp., Musical, 79 min., Color 35mm
Starring: Dick Haymes, Audrey Totter, Cecil Kelloway, Connie Russell, Billy Daniels, The Bell Sisters
Bell Sisters appear as part of a group of high school students (Audrey Totter is their teacher) who help paint and restore river boat; they perform "Father Dear Father"

Foreign Release: The film was also advertised as "Noche de Fiesta" with Spanish language posters that mentioned "Las Hermanas Bell."

Later 1953

"Those Redheads from Seattle" AUDIO VIDEO
Paramount Movie, Musical, Color 35mm, 3-D
Starring: Agnes Moorehead, Guy Mitchell, Rhonda Fleming, Teresa Brewer, Gene Barry, The Bell Sisters.
Bell Sisters play two of Agnes Moorehead's four daughters. IMAGE IMAGE IMAGE Bell Sisters perform "Take Back Your Gold." IMAGE Cynthia is Guy Mitchell's love interest in the film. IMAGE Cynthia also performs with Rhonda Fleming and Teresa Brewer. IMAGE

Foreign Release: The film was also advertised in Mexico as "Pelirrojas Indomitas" with Spanish language posters. IMAGE

Foreign Release Dates: United Kingdom 12/14/1953; Finland 6/14/1957

Hair Color: Cynthia and Kay dyed their hair for the movie; Cynthia went from blonde to red and Kay went from light brown to blonde (in the film they joke about Kay's character being an oddity in a family of redheads).

Prom Escort: A.C. Lyles (producer of "Those Redheads") escorted Cynthia to her 1953 Senior Prom at Huntington Beach High School.

Promotional Item: A Viewmaster Reel IMAGE was provided to theaters as an in-lobby promotion for for the 3-D film.

December 18, 1953

"Hollywood Stars Give Show at the Front"
Warner/Pathe' Newsreel (now owned by Sherman Grinberg Film Library)
USO group, including Bell Sisters, boards plane for and performs in Korea.

March 3, 1955

"Les Brown Goes to Town" IMAGE AUDIO VIDEO
Universal Pictures Co., Musical Short, 15 min., B&W 35mm
Nightclub setting.
Also features Jack Smith, Les Brown and His Band of Renown, The Lancers.
Bell Sisters perform "Bermuda" and "Crazy Drink" (a "looney" rendition of "Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes")

Taping Date: This film short was filmed on 11/16/1954. The Bells received $600 for their appearance.