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September 22, 1952

Long Beach Press-Telegram, Seal Beach, California TEXT
Title: She Plays Piano Too!: Beach Singer, Composer Making 'Name' Via Video
Text, one photograph

January 18, 1952

Post and Wave, Seal Beach, California TEXT
Title: Bell Sisters Prepare for TV Shows; "Bermuda" Top Tune in So. Calif.
Text, one photograph

January 25, 1952

Downbeat, Chicago, Illinois, vol. 19, p. 13 TEXT
(Under Los Angeles News)
Title: THE HOLLYWOOD BEAT: Two Coast Kids, 16 and 11, May Click on 1st Record
By Hal Holly
Text, one photograph

February 18, 1952

Newsweek, p. 90 TEXT
Title: Bermuda Belles
Text, one photograph

March 2, 1952

The Courier-Journal Magazine, Kentucky, pp. 6-7 TEXT
Title: RHYTHM vs. 'RITHMETIC: The Bell Sisters from Kentucky, whose "Bermuda" song made them suddenly popular, have had to turn down several guest spots on television: schoolwork comes first
By Bobbe Manley
Text, three photographs.

March 23, 1952

Press-Telegram, Long Beach, California, pp. X, 5 TEXT
Title: Two Seal Beach sisters started it all by warbling in the dishwater. Now radio and television fans everywhere are exclaiming: HOW THOSE BELLS DO SING!
By Ben Zinser
Text, four photographs

April 6, 1952

Title: Musical Duo: Hit Record "Bermuda" Launches Girls' Career
Text, one photograph

May 30, 1952

East San Diego, Calif. Press, San Diego, California TEXT
Title: Hilo Hattie, Bell Sisters, Spade Cooley to Appear in S.D. County Fair Shows
Text, one photograph

June 16, 1952

LIFE, pp. 55-56, 58 TEXT
Title: Singing Sisters of Seal Beach: The Bell Girls, 16 and 12, make music at home, big money away
Text, nine photographs

July 1952

Seventeen, pp. 82-83, 93 TEXT
Title: BERMUDA RINGS THE BELL! : The Bell Sisters, Cynthia and Kay, have turned the pop record world topsy-turvey with their gay music-making
By Edwin Miller and Sara Salzer
Text, six photographs

July 16, 1952

Variety, vol. 187, p. 118 TEXT
Title: NEW ACTS: BELL SISTERS (2), Songs, 20 Mins., Last Frontier, Las Vegas
Text (review of act)

Fall 1952

Music, vol. 30, pp. 10-11
Title: Hit Record "Bermuda" Launches Girls' Career
Reprinted from GRIT Magazine
Text, one photograph

September 10, 1952

Downbeat, Chicago, Illinois, vol. 19, p. 22 TEXT
Title: "Caught in the Act"

September 17, 1952

Variety, vol. 188, p. 64 TEXT
Title: Riverside, Reno
Text (review of act)

January 1953

People and Places, vol. 10, no. 2 TEXT
(Published by Your De Soto-Plymouth Dealer)
Title: THE SINGING BELLS: Young Singing Duo is Tops in Recording Field
Text, eight photos (7 with article, cover photo)

January 1953

Scholastic Roto, p. 1 (cover) TEXT
(The High School World in Picture and Paragraph - More than One Million Circulation)
Title: They're Breaking Records While Making Records!
Text, seven photos

May 1953

Silver Screen, p. 8 TEXT
Column: Hollywood Earfuls

November 2, 1953

Newsweek, p. 90 TEXT
Title: Those Redheads from Seattle (movie review)
Text (Cynthia Bell [Strother] mentioned)

December 22, 1953

Pacific Stars and Stripes TEXT
Title: Operation Starlift Arrives; Grant Vows 'Good Clean Show'
By Cpl. Frank Jacobs
Text, one photo (not of Bell Sisters)

December 30, 1953

Pacific Stars and Stripes TEXT
Title: Hollywood 9 Delights 27th Regt.; One-Hour Show Features Music, Comedy
by PFC Dick Brooks
Text, one photo


Unpublished TEXT
Title: I Work For My Daughters, "The Bell Sisters"
By Eugene R. Strother

March 4, 1955

Belvoir Castle (The Engineer Center, U.S. Army, Fort Belvoir, Virginia) TEXT
Text, two photographs

November 20, 1962

Daily Pilot / News-Press Orange County, California TEXT
Title: Remember? Swinging Sisters Rocketed to Fame
Text, one photograph

October 25, 1990

The Sun, Seal Beach, California
Text, one photograph

March 2000

Discoveries Magazine, Issue 142, pp. 51-52, Iola, Wisconsin
Title: The Bell Sisters
By Rex Strother
Text, four photographs

March 2002

In Tune International, Issue 121, pp. 8-10, Norfolk, U.K.
Title: The Bell Sisters Story, Part One
By Ossie Dales
Text, five photographs

The same article appears "Mitchell Music" No. 78 (Sept. 2002). "Mitchell Music" is the magazine of the Guy Mitchell Appreciation Society.

April 2002

In Tune International, Issue 122, Norfolk, U.K.
Title: The Bell Sisters Story, Part Two
By Ossie Dales
Text, two photographs

The same article appears in "Mitchell Music," No. 79 (Dec. 2002)

[To Be Continued]