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September 30, 1951

Long Beach, California
YMCA's Armed Servicemen's Club
Cynthia performed solo.

March 8, 1952

Los Angeles, California
Shrine Auditorium (sponsored by May Co.)
Performed for 14,000 Girl Scouts.
Also appearing were Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Debbie Reynolds, Jack Smith, Ken Carpenter (m.c.), Robert Young, Robert Martinez.

First Time: Stayed overnight in Ambassador Hotel, "first time in a hotel."

May 1-14, 1952

Los Angeles, California
Shrine Auditorium
"An Eyeful of Paris," 18th Los Angeles Annual Police Show
Also appearing were Gene Autry and Champion, Bob Hope, Jack Benny, Tony Martin, Donald O'Connor, Dennis Day, Ralph Edwards, Liberace, Georgie Tapps, The Modernaires

May 19, 1952

Long Beach, California
"Greatest Stage Show on Earth," sponsored by the Long Beach Junior Chamber of Commerce, at Municipal Auditorium IMAGE
Also appearing were Bob Hope, Jerry Lewis, Dean Martin, Jane Russell, Tony Martin, Jerry Colonna, Les Brown, Marilyn Maxwell ("the Atomic Blonde")

July 3-6, 1952

San Diego, California
San Diego County Fair at San Diego County Fairgrounds
"Fiestacade of 1952" (Bell Sisters were headline attraction)
Also appearing were Ina Ray Hutton and her all-girl TV cast, Hilo Hattie (Hawaiian comedienne of Song), Spade Cooley (the "King of Western Swing"), Nick Lucas ("The Singing Troubador") and Bob Wiliams and "Einstein" (dog act).
Bell Sisters performed "two oldies before doing 'Bermuda'." Cynthia performed "I'll Walk Alone."

Hotel/Pay: Stayed at Del Mar Hotel. Bell Sisters earned $3,500 for 4-day appearance.

July 11-25, 1952

Las Vegas, Nevada
Last Frontier Hotel IMAGE
Bell Sisters performed "Hello," "Drip Drop," "Wheel of Fortune," "Poor Whip-Poor-Will," "Rutza Rutza," "Hang Out the Stars" and "Goodbye."

Pay: Bell Sisters earned $7,000 for their two week appearance.

August 1, 1952

Los Angeles, California
Downtown Paramount Hotel
Opened for Nat King Cole IMAGE
Two week engagement; performed 5 shows a day, about 20 minutes per show (performed six songs) IMAGE

August 15, 1952

Montreal, Canada
Seville Theater
Also appearing were Christine and Moll (novelty dance team), The Three Glens (adagio experts), Roy Beson (comic) and Jean and Stanley Kayne (mimicry)

September 5-17, 1952

Reno, Nevada
The Riverside Hotel (Mert Wertheimer's Riverside Casino) IMAGE
Also appearing were Buddy Hacket and Paul Sydell and his performing dogs.
Bell Sisters performed "Hello," "Drip Drop," "Wheel of Fortune," "Poor Whip-Poor-Will," "Rutza Rutza" and "Hang Out the Stars."

October 3-4, 1952

San Francisco, California
San Francisco Civic Auditorium
Western Living and Home Exposition

October 18, 1952

Hollywood, California
Hollywood Bowl
Y-Day in Hollywood

November 26, 1952

Long Beach, California
Appreciation Dinner - Long Beach Independent-Press Telegram (newspaper)
Marine Room of Wilton Hotel, audience of 275 newspaper carriers and parents
Bell Sisters performed "There's a Ship Comin' In," "June Night," "Bermuda" and "Socko the Smallest Snowball."

December 12, 1952

Los Angeles, California
Examiner's 39th Annual Christmas Benefit Show
Shrine Auditorium
Also appearing were Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis, Danny Thomas, Dorothy Shay, Abbott & Costello, Gisele MacKenzie, Mickey Rooney, Connie Moore, Roy Rogers & Dale Evans, George Murphy, Rory Calhoun, Lita Baron, Rose Marie.

February 6, 1953

Los Angeles, California
Los Angeles Press Photographers Association
Grand Charity Ball (for the benefit of Crippled Children's Society)
Also appearing were Bob Hope, Ken Murray, Abbott & Costello, Ed Wynn, Donald O'Connor, Sidney Miller, Art Linkletter, Dick Haymes, Joel Grey, Virginia Mayo, Greer Garson, Victor Mature, George Jessel, Pat O'Brien, Will Rogers, Jr.
Bell Sisters performed "June Night," "A Fool Such as I," "Take Back Your Gold" and "AP Song" (changed lyrics to a song called "Trees" - from the poem "I think that I shall never see...")

February 10, 1953

Long Beach, California
Long Beach Retailers Associated
Spring Festival of Fun and Fashion
at the Municipal Auditorium (benefitting the American Red Cross)

June 28, 1953

Hollywood, California
Brookside Park
Booked by William Morris Agency

July 20, 1953

Jamboree City (Irvine Ranch), California
Third National Boy Scout Jamboree (July 17-23) IMAGE
Also appearing were Dorothy Lamour, James Stewart, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans (and Trigger), Lash LaRue, Danny Kaye, Dick Powell, June Allyson, Jerry Colonna and others.
Bell Sisters appeared in "Jamboree Variety Review." Attendance for the Jamobree was 45,000 Boy Scout troops and their families.

Texas Goodwill: Bell Sisters had dinner with Troop 6 from Houston, Texas (600 scouts) and received a certificate making them "Honorary Citizens of the Empire of Texas."

August 8, 1953

Rendezvous Ballroom
Booked by San Rey Group

September 20, 1953

Hollywood, California
Hollywood Bowl
Los Angeles' "I Am An American Day" (sponsored by Mayor Poulson's Citizens Committee)
Also appearing were Art Linkletter and Jose Greco

October 25, 1953

Tin Pan Alley Show

December 1, 1953

Thrifty Drug Store Party

December 18, 1953 to January 3, 1954

Korea, Japan, Hawaii, Pacific Islands
USO Tour, "Operation Starlift" IMAGE
Also appearing were Roscoe Ates (headed group), Mary Murphy (starred in "Wild Ones" with Marlon Brando), Virginia Hall (starlet), Chris Towner (starlet), Elisabeth Galbol-Martin (comedienne), Bill Lloyd, Eddie Ross, Dick Contino (band)

Other Groups: One of 6 entertainment groups comprising a total of 42 performers. Terry Moore, a starlet in another troupe, got a lot of press for wearing an white ermine mink bikini for the troops.

January 30, 1954

Trianon Ballroom

February 25 & 26, 1954

Camp Pendleton, California
U.S. Marine Corp Base, Camp Pendleton

March 15, 1954

Denver, Colorado
Lowry Air Force Base
First appearance of Hollywood Variety Troupe together since their return from a tour of Korean bases Christmas before.
Also appearing were Larry Roberts, Mary Anders (starlet), Kay Marx (sister of Groucho, Chico), two dancers of Gene Nash Trio, Lenny Sherman (comedian from Paramount Studios), Jerry Mandell (piano accompanist)
Bell Sisters performed "Boo-Hoo," "Bermuda" and others.

March 16, 1954

Denver, Colorado
Fitszimmons Army Hospital
Kay's Birthday - had big party in the Officer's Club to celebrate.

March 18, 1954

Belvoir, Virginia
Fort Belvoir Army Hospital
Thursday afternoon show at Red Cross Recreation Hall, "was carried to the bedside of ward patients by the Hospital Radio Station, WBBS."
Also appearing, among others, was Larry Roberts, Hollywood night club comedian, as M.C.

March 20, 1954

Unknown (Virginia?)
Aboard U.S.S. Missouri

March 28-31, 1954

San Bernardino, California
National Orange Show

April 12, 1954

Glendale, California
Glendale Police Show

April 15, 1954

29 Palms, California
29 Palms Show
Booked by Bernie Kane Agency

May 12, 1954

Portsmouth, Virginia
Portsmouth Naval Hospital
With USO Group. Celebrating National Hospital Week.
Bell Sisters performed "My Heart Belongs to Daddy," "Heartless," "Across the Alley from the Alamo," a "mice number," "Just a Gigolo" and "Bermuda."

June 21, 1954

Bethesda, Maryland
U.S. Naval Medical Center

June 23, 1954

Norfolk, Virginia
On board U.S.S. Lake Champlain in Hangar Bay #1 during its stopover in Norfolk
Two hour show, audience of 1,000 personnel and guests. Appeared with New York's "52" Club Association.
Also appearing were Patti Parks (ventriloquist and songstress), Teyd and Deana Peters (aerial ballet team), Palmer and Doreen (comedy magicians), Urylee Leonardes (star of Porgy and Bess)
Bell Sisters performed several numbers, including "Bermuda."

July 23-25, 1954

Los Angeles, California
Various Theatre Appearances
Booked by William Morris Agency

September 18, 1954

Lodi, California
Lodi Fair
Booked by William Morris Agency

October 1, 1954

Ashland, Kentucky
Ashland Armory
"A Century of Progress," presented by the Ashland Centennial Committee, sponsored by the Daughters of the American Revolution.
Friday night, 8:00 p.m. Appeared in Showboat sequence; sang "Dixie" acapella, "Cruisin' Down the River" and other numbers.

October 27, 1954

American Water Works Association Show
Booked by William Morris Agency

November 16, 1954

Hadassah Women's Club Show

November 23, 1954

San Diego, California
U.S. Navy Show

November 26-29, 1954

Entertained armed forces for three days in a group headed by disc jockey Johnny Grant.

December 17, 1954 (3 Week Tour)

Korea, Japan, Hawaii, Pacific Islands
USO Tour, Army IMAGE
Also appearing were Larry Roberts, Penny Singleton, Roscoe Ates [?].

February 27, 1955

Salinas, Kansas
Smoky Hills Air Force Base IMAGE

March 4, 1955

Belvoir, Virginia
Fort Belvoir
Two performances of Hollywood Revue - afternoon at Red Cross Recreational Hall, U.S. Army Hospital, 8:00 p.m. at Wallace Theater.

August 12 & 13, 1955

San Francisco, California
Air Force Association Show

June 1, 1957

Long Beach, California IMAGE
Scout-O-Rama, Long Beach Area Council - Boy Scouts of America
Veterans Memorial Stadium
Also appearing were Long Beach Municipal Band, "The Rudells" (trampoline act)